CGT Partnership with SLINTECH

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1The first Graphene and advanced material company in Sri Lanka, Ceylon Graphene Technologies (Pvt) Ltd was established in June 2018. It is a joint venture of LOLC Group and Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC) that aims to place Sri Lanka in the global market for graphene and associated products. With the best quality Graphite in the world being mined from the rich fields of Sri Lanka, Ceylon Graphene Technologies (Pvt) Ltd is steadily establishing itself as the manufacturer of high-quality Graphene and carbon based Advanced material.

In taking this futuristic venture forward, LOLC joined hands with SLINTEC as the seventh private sector partner in order to enhance and propel LOLC’s competitive position on the proprietary technology in all industrial sectors. Other private sector partners preceding LOLC include Brandix, Dialog, Hayleys, Loadstar, Lankem, and MAS Holdings. The private sector expertise and industrial experience brought in through LOLC are honed by the technological expertise of SLINTEC to create a unique partnership that has the potential to reach unforeseen heights in the global market.