Graphene Technology & Sustainability

About Our Sustainable Process

  • About Technology


    The process of production used by Ceylon Graphene Technologies Pvt Ltd is a US patented process that emits near zero toxic gases, creates less toxic by-products, and does not use H3PO4. It creates high quality oxidized graphene oxide from bulk graphite efficiently and effectively.

  • About Sustainability Process


    Sustainability is a key element of the process of graphene produced by Ceylon Graphene Technologies. It has minimal impact on the environment, with low water usage and effective wastewater management. This is due to the efficiency of the process where 1 - 5 layer refined Graphene oxide is produced with a low amount of reject. With the rejections being less, less waste material is produced ensuring that the environmental pollution is at near zero. The sustainability of the process is a point of pride at Ceylon Graphene Technologies Pvt Ltd. Being conscious of the environment and allowing the minimal adverse effect to it is a high priority for the company.