Ceylon Graphene

Ceylon Graphene

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Graphene from Best Graphite in the World

If you are looking for the best graphite in the world, look no further than Ceylon Graphene Technologies Limited, and its assortment of products. Based on the rich soils of Sri Lanka, Ceylon Graphene Technologies derive its raw material from the purest form of graphite in the world, vein graphite. Sri Lanka being the only place in the world where vein graphite is found in commercial quantities, Ceylon Graphene Technologies Limited offers a unique potential for the prospective clientele. The latest technology coupled with the best raw material to be found beneath the face of the Earth combine to produce the best graphene found at any place worldwide.

Why Ceylon Graphene Technologies

The novel patented chemically exfoliated Graphene facility based in Sri Lanka uses graphite from the mines in Ragedara, Kahatagaha, and Bogala. The natural graphite from the local mines are rich in Carbon, an average of 90%-96% with it reaching as high as 99.6%, and has often been dubbed the “best graphite in the world”. Having this rich resource at hand enables Ceylon Graphene Technologies (Pvt) Ltd to produce Graphene products of the highest quality (Graphene oxide, Reduced Graphene oxide, Functionalized Reduced Graphene oxide, Expanded Graphite). In fact, the annual production reaches 1.8 metric tonnes of GO, rGO, and functionalized rGO.